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The Best Methods for the Perfect Backlinking

We talked about directories before, and part of local SEO is to sign up for them. Do not forget to register with one of the most important that is Google My Business , this has a number of options to add information about your business that will help you a lot to your growth. Also depending on your business you can register on TripAdvisor, Yelp, among others. For the use of the backlinks this is important now.

You can sponsor a local event, a group or a team. These generally have a website and there they can place a link to your site.

Guest post

Guest posting is an excellent option to make yourself known as an authority in your area . Find relevant blogs for your niche. Contact them, tell them about how good your blog is and how expert they are.

Tell them about the option of a post exchange, which includes links to your website.

You must be very careful with guest posts. Start with one or two to get traffic and authority. But always remember to follow Google’s recommendations on this topic.

Do not forget the offline options

Even if your business is online, there is always an opportunity to promote yourself offline. Brand making is possible by interacting with other people in your industry, networking at events in the area.

If your business has a physical headquarters, this will always be an excellent opportunity to say that they follow you on social networks, visit your website or leave you a review and for link building services

Take advantage of the broken link building

This link building option can be seen as very complicated. But it is worth reviewing broken links at least once a month. So you can look for opportunities that will help you a lot.

Be patient

Finally, we recommend that you have a lot of patience when it comes to link building and positioning your site among the top Google places. Remember that SEO is not a task with immediate results, but in the medium term you can see the changes.

  • SEO is a continuous work, you cannot do link building a month and then forget it and think that your website will position itself. It is also important that you do not devote too many hours in a row to this work, since Google will see with bad eyes that you go from zero to 100 links in a single day. 
  • User generated content: recommendations and reviews are included here. This type of content is essential, since, that you tell it as a tour operator may be fine, but that someone who has already lived it counts it adds many points to your level of trust. An authentic positive review brings confidence, a good reputation and even a more impressive online presence , more on internet marketing

Customer service for tour operators

In the network it is also essential that you take care of your customers by giving them excellent customer service at all times by facilitating real-time contact.

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